October 27

Income Stacking | The Ultimate Guide

Ever heard of the Income Stacking method?

If not, you could be overlooking the single most assured way of getting out of the rat race.

Building a successful business is hard right?

And how are you going to find the time to create, build and run a new business whilst you’re still working full time? Or have kids?  Plus it takes on average three years for a new business to become profitable!

Not to mention the fact that 90% of businesses fail in the first 3 years!

It’s virtually impossible.

But, maybe you’ve been looking at it the wrong way?

What if you didn’t have to swing for the fences? And didn’t have to risk money you don’t have, trying to hit a home run each time?

What if there was another way?

The answer is Income Stacking, and it could well be the most overlooked model of wealth building of our time.

Let me explain…



Income Stacking is the method of building multiple micro income streams that compound over time in an upward spiral.

Just as the River Nile starts from thousands of tiny tributaries, all completely insignificant in their own right.  Many of them just a tiny trickle.

Yet over time as the tributaries come together, their effects are compounded.  Culminating in the great River Nile.

And this is exactly how Income Stacking works.

How easy do you think it would be to build an income stream of say $10 per week?  Pretty doable huh?

And what’s to stop you from building another, and another, and another?

Rinse and repeat.

Just like the river Nile, as more and more tributaries converge it only ever increases its size and speed.  Likewise, as you stack multiple income streams together you’ll create an unstoppable force.



Income Stacking works  because it diversifies your income into multiple streams.  There’s no one single point of failure.

If you currently only have x1 income stream (aka standard J.O.B) then all of your wealth building is focused at one centralised point.  If you lose your job, that’s it.  You’re screwed.

Diversifying your income gives you the highest probability of sustained success.  If one of your income streams gets taken out, who cares! It’s not going to stop the upward spiral effect of your wealth building.

You’ll probably hardly even notice.

Using the Income Stacking Method you are always moving forward, always growing.  Maybe only a tiny bit at the start, but you’re always moving in the right direction.



If you’re looking to create a business and swing for the fences by creating the next Facebook then that’s fucking cool.  But statistically it’s probably not going to happen.

Let me explain…

You have these high hopes for yourself and that’s totally cool. But, it’s all to common to invest your time and money into these business ideas, yet they rarely lead to any success.

And throughout this process you’re still stuck in the job you’re desperately trying to free yourself from.

Can you see how this model is more like a negative downward spiral of wealth creation?

It goes back to the old Tortoise and the Hare analogy.

If you can just stick to the basics of Income Stacking you will become financially free. Yet if you keep swinging for the fences you might hit a home run, but statistically you won’t.

My advice is to get your income handled.

Do what actually works, and don’t leave it up to chance.  You can swing for the fences once finances are sorted and you’ve earned the right to take the risk.



How does that sound?

free beer for life

Maybe you drink beer, maybe you don’t.

If not, how about free fuel for life? Or never having to pay for insurance again?

It’d be pretty mental wouldn’t it!  And that’s exactly what happens as you start earning passive income from other sources and stacking them. Checkout loanbubble for financial needs.

Here’s and example:

  • Fuel = $90 per week
  • Food = $120 per week
  • Rent = $160 per week
  • Beer = $30 per week

Start with getting to $30 per week then Boom! Beer for life.  Get to $120 per week and Bam! Free Beer and Fuel for life!

Every time you knock stuff off your list the amount needed to reach your Minimum Viable Life gets smaller.  So as you Income Stack and build your income streams, the speed of your progress accelerates.

As your work compounds over time, the amount needed to reach Minimum Viable Life shrinks.

It’s pretty powerful stuff.

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You’ve got to work smart, optimise your time and get creative.

The quickest way to start Income Stacking is probably going to be through affiliate selling.

So what is affiliate marketing?

Let me explain…

Affiliate marketing is a way to earn a commission by promoting other peoples products.  It’s such a great system.  All you need to do is find a product you use and like, and promote it to others to earn a reward for each sale that you make.

It’s a super simple system, it’s very quick to set up and it can scale indefinitely.

Here’s an example of an affiliate program that I’m set up with:

The company is called TSO Host and I use them for hosting all of my websites.  They’re based in the UK and they have incredible customer service, so if you ever have any issues you can jump on to Chat with them and they are just so helpful.

Their speeds are lightning fast and they’re crazy cheap too.


TSH Host income stacking example


Above ^^^ is an example of how easy it is to create affiliate sales.  If you are looking for cheap, good website hosting and you trust my advice, then there’s a chance you too might choose TSO Host to host your website.

If you do, and you click the link above, the session gets tracked and I’ll get a small commission.

It’s as simple as that.  Income Stacking 101.

As your digital footprint grows and you drive more and more traffic to your website, your affiliate sales will increase too.  And like I said, there’s no limit to how many affiliates products you can sell.

Just make sure you’re recommending products you believe in, and sell with integrity, and the rest will take care of itself.

Affiliate selling is just one of many multiple income streams that I will be teaching you how to build on the Minimum Viable Life Project.

So if you don’t want to miss a single one, you can sign up to the newsletter here.



I guess if you’re pretty damn old (I’m talking 80+) you’re probably not going to be too concerned with Income Stacking.  But if you’re between 6 and 79 then it’s definitely not too late!

There is no downside risk to Income Stacking.  The only risk is lost time and opportunity cost.

It’s only too late if you think it’s too late.

And if you are 80+ and you’re having a crack at this (good fucking on you if you are by the way), what an awesome gift to be able to leave your kids, grand kids etc.

There is no excuses.



This is a great question, one that I think everybody goes through and it’s totally valid.

i just can't do it

The one thing that triggered me in the beginning was a quote from one of my mentors Jeff Walker (he runs the Product Launch Formula which rocks by the way).

He said:

“You don’t have to be an expert in your field, you just need to know more than most.  Being an expert can actually be detrimental as 90% of your readers will be beginners.”

This struck a chord with me.

I’d been transfixed on having to be an expert. I thought I needed a secret formula to a problem that no one else in the world knew.

So much so, that I was stifled into inaction.

Once I let go of that narrative I was able to start with what I know, and let what I know grow.

My first blog was about helping Airbnb Hosts automate everything possible.  I chose that niche because it was the one thing that people had asked my advise on in the past.

And that was it.

So ask yourself, what problem have you solved for somebody recently?  What do people come to you for advise for?  What are you uniquely qualified to teach?

Asking these questions will help you uncover a niche to get you started.



If you were to inherit $100,000 dollars tomorrow would it change your life?  How about $500,000? or a $1,000,000?

The phycology behind lump sums of savings vs Income Stacking is very interesting.

Would you rather have $1,000,000 lump sum? or $50,000 per year for the next 20 years?  Which one would actually change your lifestyle and get you out of your day job the most?

If you’re like me you’d take the $50k.  Having that recurring income free’s you up to go out and live your life as you please.  That’s the magic of Income Stacking multiple income streams.

Savings are an essential tool for achieving true financial freedom, but Income Stacking is the way to really change your life fast.



I touched on this a little earlier, but Income Stacking is the best way to diversify your income to avoid any one single point of failure.

If you’re in debt up to your ears, or have kids and a mortgage etc, can you really afford to only have one stream of income?

What if you got sick or got made redundant?  What then?

And how sickening does it feel when you have to brown-nose your boss (that you hate), like a sleazy, slimy slug because you have no legs to stand on.  You don’t have the fuck-you money backing you up, and your employer has got you by the balls (or ovaries), and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Sucks hey.

I know, I’ve been there.  And it’s shit.

That’s why I’m so passionate about Income Stacking, because I don’t ever want to re-visit my slimy former self.  And I can’t afford to leave it up to chance, and I urge you to do the same.



Income Stacking isn’t a magic pill, and it isn’t going to get you rich over night.  I’m sorry to say this, but it actually takes diligent, smart work.

I’m a father of two young kids and I can tell you that I am extremely time poor.  Throw a full time job in there and your time is very scarce.

So if you’re serious about this you’re going to have to get your shit together. Optimise your life. Free up any spare time possible, and labour stack everything you do so it compounds.

The only way I can guarantee that I stay on track and actually keep moving is to wake up an hour and a half early (I wake at 4.30am).  That’s the only way that I know for certain I won’t be disturbed by the kids, and I can get some real deep work done.

Any work done after that is a bonus.

So how long will it take?

To earn your first passive income dollar I reckon from 4-8 weeks.  Income Stacking to $24k per year can take 12 months or less (if you do the work).

But the great thing with Income Stacking is even if you don’t quite hit your targets you still move closer to it.  It’s never a zero sum game.  The only way is up.  Literally.

So start now.
No matter what free time you have, or what tools you have at your disposal. Get started now.
Take back your freedom once and for all.




Income Stacking is a system.  A system that you can chip away at, and over time it’ll give you results, and if you do things right, will change your life.

You’re going to have to get used to on this journey though…

Firstly, you’re going to have to change your perspective on trading your time for money.  You’ll be investing a lot of your time in the Income Stacking method before you see ANY returns.

And that’s why so few people ever walk this path.

And secondly, you must get used to an irregular pay check.

The income streams you build will vary in size and frequency.  Some will be recurring monthly payments, some will be one offs, and some will be annual.

As you stack more and more income streams on top of one another, your daily/weekly/monthly income will become more and more predictable.

Come along for the ride and become a part of this movement.

Actually do the work, ACTUALLY get the results.

Peace out.




I hope I’ve triggered something in you, given you a new perspective on how you can gradually work your way out of your day job with Income Stacking

I want to hear your thoughts and feedback.
So go and post a comment below and get the conversation started.

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  • This is so frickin cool. I wish I’d heard about this earlier. Thank you so much.

  • Would you recommend always starting with a blog? Or can you build an online course without one? Thanks.

    • Rowan Clifford says:

      Hey Oliver.

      I’d always recommend starting with a blog as it’s such a good way to build up a following. From there launching a successful course is much, much easier. Plus, you’ll be able to use your users to help you create a killer course that people actually want, rather than just building something you think they’ll want.

      It might seem like the long way around, but paradoxically, it’s a quicker way to success.

      Peace out.

  • Income stacking is the way forward!!

    • Rowan Clifford says:

      Thanks Antoine, stoked you liked it :)

  • Hi Rowan. Great post. What would you recommend is the easiest way for a newbie to get started? Thanks, Anna.

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