May 27

27/05/2021 Personal Values & Integrity Index

Day Twenty Five.

Bit of a strange one today.  A tale of two halves so to speak.

Kinda spent the day doing a lot of nothing getting semi annoyed that I should be doing something else.  Here's a list of what I should have been doing:

- Kids Homeschool application.

- Sending off Passports for application.

- Nutting out some good shit on the business.

- Building some pages for a client.

And a fuck load more.  And you know what, I did fuck all of it.  Literally none.

Not through lack of wanting to, but just through the way the day kinda rolled.  The lesson here I think is either to a) make sure you fucking nut it out early, be selfish and get it done.  b) Just fuck it off and forget about it for a bit.

I did the latter, maybe wasn't the best decision buy then again, it's all made up anyway right? 

Don't really know what I'm writing any of shit about now, but always good to get stuff out.

Couple of cool things that I did do today though was went for a fucking lush walk with my headphones on listening to my new book.  What a thoroughly enjoyable walk that was.  Need to do more of that for sure.

Took my daughter for her first ever surf at Raglan, she was frothing (albeit a little cold).

Also, just sat in peace on what was an amazing afternoon in Raglan.  Sun out, no wind, no people, gentle waves rolling though.  Proper idilic.  Sitting there soaking it up was really nice I must admit.

What I did good

  • Took my daughter surfing.
  • Went for epic walk.
  • Enjoyed the simple, beautiful day that was presented.

What I did bad

  • Got fuck all of the jobs done that are fairly, to very important.  

Tasks for tomorrow, to be better than I was today:

Gonna have to get those tasks finished I think.  Get that shit done early, then get to the fun stuff.

- Rowan. 


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