June 19

20/06/2021 Personal Values & Integrity Index

Day Forty Nine.

After quite possibly the worst night sleep I've had in some time (I felt like I was going through my hangover as I was trying to sleep), my day has somehow been quite productive, and fun.

Ended up going to this random spot with this sign that said: "Don't go down when it's wet".

So, in true nieve fashion, I went down.

And to make matters worse, the van - also known as White Fang - has fuck all grip.

After a naked swim, and a dump on the epic secluded beach it was time to try and get up that fucking hill.

99% of the hill had to be taken in first gear, and then we got to the bit where there was just fucking mud everywhere. At full revs and a car full of people, we ground to a halt. Fuck.

But thankfully, after backing White Fang back up and dropping the rest of the crew outside the van, at full pelt the van made it. Just.

Was fun though :)

Other than that, went to the swimming pool to wash my balls and gary properly for the first time in over a week, and checked out one of the hot lifeguards (I think she was into me too, just sayin).

What I did good

  • Had an outdoor shit.
  • Went naked swimming.
  • Did pretty damn well considering I only slept for a few hours.

What I did bad

  • Nearly got stuck in the mud with the van.

Tasks for tomorrow, to be better than I was today:

Want to do read my new book Dante's Inferno, I think it's going to be insane.

- Rowan. 


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