May 17

18/05/2021 Personal Values & Integrity Index

Day Sixteen

Kinda got a lot done today, kinda didn't.

Got a lot done when it comes to travel and van upgrades, but didn't get a lot done when it comes to creating something cool that aligns with my values.

That's one thing that I'm finding a little difficult.

Life on the road, hopping from one place to the next takes up a lot of time.  Cooking, cleaning, driving, sightseeing, etc. all take a lot of time, which doesn't leave much time for creative work.

So I think I'm hammering home on a few of my core values, but at the cost of others.  I think a more balanced approach would work better down the track.

Maybe that'd be spending more time in each spot, just going slower.  

Will test and see if it works.

What I did good

  • Made some sick curtains and hat rail for the van.
  • Actually pointed out a missed item to the checkout chick in Bunnings.
  • Read quite a bit.

What I did bad

  • Drank a couple of beers.
  • Probably got a bit grumpy at the kids as there is a severe lack of space in the van, and sometime they drive you nuts.

Tasks for tomorrow, to be better than I was today:

Copy and paste from yesterday.  Didn't get around to doing any of this: "Get the initial stage of the new site up and running. Brainstorm flow and systems for surf business.  Start nutting out a plan and flow for my new idea."

- Rowan. 


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Current Progress
Current Progress

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