June 11

11/06/2021 Personal Values & Integrity Index

Day Forty.

Had a walk and had a bit of an epiphany this morning, it's about being an apex predator.

Here's what insight I gained...

Looking at apex predators - Lions, Sharks, etc. they have something in common, they're just so fucking chill. They live, move and breath with total confidence.  Not in a way that they're trying to do it, but in a way that they're totally chill, literally nothing bothers them whatsoever.

They move through life in a total state of calm dominance, real, core, confidence.  

I think I can take a lot away from this within myself.

Over the years I've kind of developed a few weird tendencies that I think I've taken on for a few reasons: Trying not to hurt people, trying not to offend people.

And that's just kind of shit.  That's not how I'm going to get what I want out of life, how I'm going to serve the world to my full potential.  That's the kind of shit a little bitch would do.

So that's now changing.

My inner lion has been born, my outer kitten is going to be slain, and I'm going to let my true self come forth.


What I did good

  • Had an epiphany.
  • Held real good state all day long.
  • Checked out a rad city.

What I did bad

  • My inner kitten started to creep back in towards the evening.  Fuck.

Tasks for tomorrow, to be better than I was today:

Get up, do my tapping (EFT) and slay my inner kitten early on and let my lion breath forth. Then, go into the city and have fun.

- Rowan. 


Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress

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